Sleep Tight Lovely May

We have just heard the sad news that May has crossed the bridge.

May was the sweetest girl who along with her best friend Tony joined us on many of our walks.

Below is her family’s loving tribute to her.

‘May was our first greyhound and what a happy and mischievous little girl. She was so good from day one, a perfect greyhound ambassador. She loved her treats and her comforts. We miss her so much and also her brother Tony is lost without her’

May your happy little soul fly high and free sweetheart. You were always so happy to see everyone. xx

Sleep Tight Toby

It is with much sadness we have to report that Toby (Rethany Russo) has crossed the bridge.

His family have written a lovely tribute to him which we share with you below.

“Toby was a hound who always gave 100%. This was true in his racing life and in retirement. He was the forever teenager. As long as he was with his family everything we might want to do was a brilliant idea as far as he was concerned. Total enthusiasm.

Walks in all weathers, discussing his rights to after dinner treats, keeping us all safe from the terrors of the world A more loyal, loving and happy hound we may never meet again.

Thank you for introducing us to Toby so we could share many years of joy and ear rubs”

It is us who must thank Toby’s family for giving him such a happy and loving home.

Volunteer Sue has fond memories of Toby. She took him along to his home check with her and in his eagerness to explore he flew up the garden and landed in the pond!

Sleep well sweetheart, enjoy lots of treats and ear rubs on your side of the bridge and stay away from the water!!! xxx

Sleep Tight Beautiful Flora

Sad news. Beautiful Flora has crossed the rainbow bridge.
Flora attended our walks on a regular basis and often met up with her younger brother Phantom. Let’s hope Phantom was there to greet her as she crossed.
Below is Flora’s family’s lovely tribute to her.
“It is with great sadness that we let you know that we have had to say goodbye to our lovely Flora (Mullpark Flora) on 22 April.Flora was a lovely, happy and gentle girl, born at Dillymore on 17/02/2010 and has been a huge part of our family since 09/2013.She loved her food, early morning walks and sniffs and life in general. Recently she’d not been eating very well, not so keen to go for walks and losing weight. After numerous tests our vet suspected a tumour because of her symptoms. So after 8 years and 7 months it was with a heavy heart we had to make the awful decision to let her go. We are both heartbroken.Thank you lovely Flora for all the happy memories. We miss you but will never forget you.”
Mullpark Flora 17/02/2010 – 22/04/2022
Thank you for the wonderful life you gave Flora. May her beautiful soul fly high and free with her siblings who have gone before her.You will be much missed sweetheart.xx

A Tribute to Jose

We have had some heartbreaking news.
Sadly Jose (King Zlatan) has crossed the bridge. Jose was such a little trouper having become a tripod after loosing a leg to the dreaded cancer. His family have written a tear jerking yet wonderful tribute to him. Our hearts go out to them.
“On the 23rd of March our beautiful boy Jose passed away. His remaining front leg fractured and x-rays showed signs of osteo again so we had no choice but to let him go””We always feared this day would come but after proving all the experts wrong and making it two years cancer free we hoped his luck had changed but sadly not”
“Jose was the most gentle, sensitive loving soul who did not deserve to be taken so young but the old Chinese proverb is true The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long”
“Although we are struggling to fill the void we are grateful to have the wonderful memories and we both agree it was the best few years of our lives with our happy little family”.

Run free from pain dear Jose your brave and determined spirit were an inspiration to all that knew and loved you. xx
King Zlatan Jan 2016 to March 2022

Sad News

So sad to report more bad news. We have learned that Tony whose racing name was Seaglass Phantom has crossed the bridge.
Bless his beautiful sweet soul he was only just 5 years old. A real gentleman of a dog who deserved so much more time with his family. They are devastated by his loss and our hearts go out to them.
This is their lovely tribute to him.
“We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Tony yesterday. He had been diagnosed with a blood disorder in May. After numerous treatments at our local vets and Dick Whites in Newmarket he decided He was too good for this world.He was an amazing dog. He was only with us a short while but had taken over our hearts, beds and seatee. Thank you for letting him into our lives. “
It is us who must thank you for giving him so much love and a wonderful home.May his beautiful soul fly high and free. God bless you Tony.xx

Sleep well Bocko

We are devastated to bring the news that another of our loyal Greyhound Ambassadors has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Bocko didn’t attend many shows, they weren’t really his thing but he was an unsung hero along with his best friend Lottie when it came to welcoming numerous foster dogs into his home, most recently Young Master has been staying with them. Bocko made them all welcome, put them at ease and showed them the ropes.
Our hearts go out to our Volunteer Michelle and her family, Bocko was such a special boy with the kindest heart.
Here is what Bocko’s family have said about him.
“Run pain free at rainbow Bridge Bocko, play with the friends that went before you. You were one of the most loving, caring, quirkest dogs that we have ever had the privilege to meet. Thank you for all the happy memories, for letting us be your forever home and for being such a massive part of our lives. Will miss you our quirky velcro boy xxx”
Sleep well Bocko we will never forget you and all you have done for us. xxx

Sleep Well Spring

It is with great sadness we have to announce that following a short illness Spring (Gulvins Luck) has crossed the bridge aged 12 and a half.Spring was the sweetest of dogs, popular with everyone. She attended many of our Meet and Greet sessions and enjoyed our monthly walks.Always immaculately dressed and with impeccable manners she was a truly wonderful ambassador for her fellow Greyhounds.As well as being an ambassador Spring also helped the shy dogs with her calm and gentle way, she reassured them that the big wide world was nothing to fear.Our hearts go out to Springs family and we thank them for the wonderful retirement Spring enjoyed with them, we know she was loved beyond measure.The horrible thing about this awful pandemic is that we haven’t seen our precious retired dogs for so long and sadly won’t see some of them again, it’s heart breaking.Sleep well dear Spring and thank you for all you did for us and your fellow Greyhounds. You will never be forgotten. xx

Beautiful Spring with her friend Jack

A Tribute to Julie (Liberal Julie)

Today we have received the sad news that Julie (Liberal Julie) has crossed the bridge. Her loving family have written a beautiful tribute to her . What could we add to such a lovely piece except to say how terribly sorry we are for their loss and to thank them for the wonderful home they gave her.

A little over 9 years ago, we visited Dillymore in search of a new friend. Kevin and Sally met us at the gate and, as we made our way in, the first thing we saw was a beautiful black girl who, apparently, had only arrived the previous day. She had a smile as wide as her jump was high… she was bouncing up to our head height as she seemed to be saying, ‘pick me, pick me’!!! We laughed as Kevin told us her name was Julie and she had just turned 4.
After big hello’s, fuss and cuddles, we had a walk with her and were hooked. She had, in fact, picked us and the following day, we collected her and took her home. There began our adoration of greyhounds.
Julie has seen our son and daughter grow from children into adults, she’s camped with us, moved house with us, helped us through the grief of losing friends and parents and just all round enriched our lives. Three years ago, on 20th December, we took home a mate to spur her on in her old age… along came (Burgess) Beano. At 2 years old, he was boisterous, bouncy and a ‘typical teenager’. In her usual dignified style, and after realising he wasn’t ‘just for Christmas’, Julie taught him some manners and how to behave and he repaid her by respecting her as if she were his Mother.
Last year, she battled with a stage 3 sarcoma. We hoped for another Christmas with her… her favourite time – I’ve never known a dog enjoy presents as much as her!! She blessed us with that and stuck around for my husband’s 50th Birthday (she always was a ‘Dadda’s Girl’ at heart). But last week, with hearts heavier than we could contemplate, we had to say goodbye. Julie filled our home with her big personality and gave us more giggles and happy memories than we could ever list. She was loved and adored by all who knew and met her… even those that weren’t particularly dog lovers.
Sleep peacefully beautiful girl. We are so grateful that you chose us for your forever home. Those 9 years passed far too quickly but we’ll keep you in our hearts, always xxx

Sleep Tight Rocky

It is with much sadness we report that Rocky (Guinness Rock) has after a short illness crossed the bridge. Rocky found his forever family after meeting them on our stand at the Clacton Food and Drink Festival way back in 2015. They fell in love with him instantly.They have paid this lovely tribute to him.
“Rocky was a handsome boy and we loved him so much. Everyone that met him said what a gorgeous looking dog he was and he turned heads wherever he went. He was so good with all of our six grandchildren and they loved him as much as we did. We had nearly 6 amazing years with Rocky and feel blessed to have had those years with him. Rocky’s illness was sudden (just a couple of months) and although he was seen by the vet his health deteriorated very quickly. Sadly we had to make the heart breaking decision to end his suffering (which was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do). Our only consolation is he is no longer in pain.”
Our hearts go out to Rocky’s family and we thank them so much for the wonderful home they gave him.

Sleep Tight Rebel

It is with great sadness we have to tell you that Golden Rebel has crossed the bridge at just 7 years old. Rebel had not been himself since February but various tests could find nothing wrong. But sadly on Sunday night he suddenly lost his sight and was so afraid. The Vet diagnosed a brain tumour.Rebels family have paid a wonderful tribute to him and this is what they say. “We had only had Rebel for less than a year but he really took our hearts with his funny little ways. We loved him so much our hearts are broken. Such a brave boy, rest in peace darling” Thankfully Rebels family were able to be with him when he passed and so he was surrounded by so much love. Our thoughts are very much with them.
Sleep well Rebel you were such a happy little soul.