Rugby Club Fete

Well done and thank you to our hardy Volunteers who braved the cold on Saturday afternoon to promote our Greyhounds at the Ipswich Valley Rugby Club fete.

Superstars Blue and Breeze

Blue (Gymstar Elusive) and Breeze (Oh Sea Breeze) joined us on their very first day out when we attended the Hadleigh show yesterday. What little super stars they both were. We can’t praise them enough.
It was a joy to meet old friends and new, one highlight being a visit from Java (Tip top Java.)
Thank you to all who took the time to visit our stand and as always well done to our wonderful Greyhound Ambassadors.

Hadleigh Show

We will be attending the Hadleigh Show on Saturday 21st. If you are there do come along and see us, we will be on stand X2
If you are intending to visit the show please note you cannot pay on the gate.

The South Suffolk Show

Yesterday we attended the South Suffolk Show. Russian Blake who has now retired joined us.
Given Blake had never met other breeds of dogs or men with bells on and had never seen a funfair or heard a brass band he coped remarkably well after a nervous start.
Thank you to our Ambassadors Toby, Roy, Charlie and Martha for helping to show Blake the ropes and to all who visited our stand.

Bentley Fair

Some photos from the fair at Bentley where kennel dogs Mac (Droopy’s Mac) and Master (Young Master) had their first outing since arriving at Dillymore. Master found it a little overwhelming to start with but soon enjoyed lots of fuss from the public. Mac walked nicely on his lead was happy to have a fuss but was taken aback to say the least when he saw other breeds of dogs, bless him he needs to get out more!

Paws on the Green

We have been to Paws on the Green, an event organised by Rose Builders in Lawford today. As well as our fantastic Ambassadors kennel dogs Jet (Whizzy Jet) and Dudley (Bubbly Dudley) came along. Both boys did extremely well given it was their first day out at such an event.Arthur was there for his first event as a Greyhound Ambassador and did us all proud by coming 3rd in the most handsome dog competition.

Monks Eleigh Fete

Finally we managed to attend an event! We were welcomed at the Monks Eleigh fete on Saturday afternoon. Kennel dogs Whizzy Dosser and Swift Lettuce came along. Dosser is hoping the lady who wants to adopt him will pass the home check. Lettuce is not up for homing but we thought we would give him a day out because he has been such a brave little Soldier after injuring his leg.Let’s hope things are slowly returning to normal. We are intending to hold an evening walk in August come what may.

Woodbridge Street Fare

A few photos from a soggy Woodbridge Christmas Fair. Kennel boys Fizz (orange muzzle) and Exile (white muzzle) came along and behaved so well – it was crowded with humans and other breeds of dogs, and they didn’t put a foot wrong. Thanks to everybody who came to say hello and for the donations.

Tattingstone Fete

Many thanks to our loyal volunteers and their wonderful Greyhound Ambassadors for coming along today. Our newest Ambassador Flo came 2nd in the Prettiest Bitch class. Recently homed Chico came second in the most handsome Dog class. Kennel dogs Tony and Ella had their first outing. Ella couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw dogs of all shapes and sizes. Tony had a wonderful surprise when his racing Daddy came along to spend time with him. Everyone was treated to freshly cooked chicken at lunchtime thanks to our friend Janis.