Due to a sad change in family circumstances Lucia (Racing name Burgess Lucia) has been returned.
Lucia is currently being fostered with Robbie (Droopys Firmino) and they are getting on really well, it’s a real love affair. They are playing together and doing zoomies around the sitting room. Good job our foster carers are so laid back!

Birdie makes friends

It was Birdie’s (Swithins Bird) turn to meet Lottie the Lurcher and Sam the Lab today. Both meetings went extremely well and we were able to remove Birdie’s muzzle. We know Birdie really well because he spent part of his racing career at Dillymore and were confident he wouldn’t be overwhelmed at the sight of ‘non Greyhounds’ But Rabbits now that is a different matter! He and Lottie were soon on the trail of them and ended up investigating the burrows. Sam wasn’t in the least bit interested in them, he much preferred to look at his Mum for good boy treats.

A Major Step Forward

When Major arrived just a couple of weeks ago he was a shy lad who took his lead from his then kennel mate Evie. Over the next few days he came out of his shell and was happy to greet you at the front of the kennel. We were a little worried for him when his friend Evie went to her forever home but we needn’t have been, he has come on leaps and bounds and spent a lovely afternoon with Lottie the Lurcher yesterday. They had great fun in the paddocks together and exploring the grounds, paying particular attention to the rabbit warrens!

When Roger met Sam

Following on from last weeks introduction to Lottie the Lurcher Roger (Coolleagh Recruit) met Sam the Labrador today. What a great success that was. Roger although curious, behaved extremely well and after some distanced parallel walking joined Sam in sniffing around the grounds and eventually each other. Roger is such a good lad on his lead, you hardly know you have got him.Well done Roger for coping so well and well done Sam the Labrador for doing a sterling job on his first assignment as a stooge dog.Once again Roger is wearing his muzzle as a precaution which is always sensible on initial introductions.

Bullet Goes to the Woods

Yesterday we took Bullet out of kennels for the first time. Being a shy lad we thought he might find our usual route a little overwhelming and so took him to some quiet woods with Lottie the Lurcher and Archie the pesky puppy for company. We needn’t have worried because with his new friends by his side Bullet was far more confident than we had ever imagined he could be. He even got excited and wagged his tail a lot when he met some children.

Donald and Freddie

Yesterday we went on our weekly gad about the village ending up at Bypass Nurseries and the Bluebell Cafe. It was Freddie (Shaneboy Freddie) and Donald’s (Swift Impeach) turn to have an afternoon out. Both boys traveled well in our cars, walked beautifully on their leads, ignored a small fluffy dog and were well behaved throughout.Donald was a little wary of the traffic and was generally a little shy but he is hardly a man of the world, he is only 2.On the other hand 7 year old Freddie has now been renamed Steady Freddie! What a lovely affectionate and confident lad he is. He was great with the nice little children and their Grandmother who we met in the garden centre, both boys enjoyed a stroke but Freddie was right in there for a lean!

Freddie in Yellow Donald in Red

Happy Birthday Matty

Happy birthday to kennel dog Matty (Teddy Bear Matty)Matty had a lovely day with his Volunteer Fiona. He enjoyed a quiet country walk and a special birthday meal of steak and chicken. Thanks to Fiona for spoiling Matty on his special day.

Spot has a Weekend Break

Kennel dog Spot has had a break from kennels the last couple of days and has been to stay with his volunteer family and his new doggy friends who have been teaching him about the outside world and helping him to build his confidence.Spot is a shy little boy of only one year (two in October) but in the last couple of days has shown that with the help of a doggy friend or two he is able to build his confidence and show his sweet friendly personality. He is a lovely little boy who likes playing and walks (he is nervous when seeing people when he’s out but is really working on this). He has enjoyed playing zoomies around the garden with his friends and has discovered the dog in the TV and best of all the toy box full of squeaky toys which he finds great fun as you can see from the video in the comments 😊Spot came into kennels with his litter mates Dot, Delilah, Sarah, Blanche, Benny and Dilly, they all came in having not been lead trained or raced and all of his litter mates are now thriving in their forever homes. Spot is just waiting for the right person / family to come meet him and decide that they want to help him continue to build his confidence and watch his sweet character grow. Take a look at our Facebook page to see a video of Spot.