Gus enjoys his day out.

There are no flies on our longest stayer Gus (Coolhill Duster)!

We love this photo of him preferring the tray of sausages to the one he was being offered at our picnic yesterday.

He was such a good boy, made friends with everyone, was described as a real love bug and as you can see from his photo he kept his volunteer Barbara amused.

Roxy Goes Home

Great news for Roxy (My Magic Roxy). She has gone to live with Whizzy Sky who was so sad when she lost her best friend. Roxy is such a happy little soul we are hoping she will soon make Sky happy again.

Good luck Roxy, it’s been a pleasure to watch you grow into the most friendly adorable little girl you are today. We will miss you xx

What is it they say about working with children and animals? Do you think these little monkeys would pose, each facing the right way at the same time? Not a chance bless them.

Max in his Foster Home

We have had news of Max (Feora Max).

He has settled well in his foster home. He has behaved very well not putting a single paw wrong.

Max has been walking nicely on his lead and has been excellent with other dogs when out and about and when in the home. He loves human and canine company so we think he would be happiest with someone who is home a lot or maybe with another dog for company.

If you think you could offer Max a loving home please call Sue on 07938802627 or email

Rocco and Zelda

Rocco (Icaals Rocco) and Zelda (Mrs Chelm) had a nice surprise today when they were taken for a walk around the village and into Bypass Nurseries and the Bluebell Cafe where we and all of our homeless hounds are made so welcome.

Rocco who was wearing his yellow muzzle was his normal well behaved confident self, walking nicely on his lead and not taking any notice of small fluffy dogs.

Zelda wearing her white muzzle was a little more reserved but it was her first outing.

Being used to being lifted in and out of the racing vans she thought the same applied to getting in and out of cars! She will quickly learn to do this by herself.

She did quite a bit of sniffing on the walk and was well behaved indoors accepting lots of fuss from the staff and although she watched a small fluffy dog it was in amazement and with no attempt to chase it.

A Successful Weekend

Good news! We’ve had a successful weekend with Ross, Mindy and Jessie who hadn’t even made it onto our websites all reserved.

Our longest stayer Gus (pictured below) is still waiting bless his heart, this big black boy with a larger than life personality will surely get his turn soon.

And Off They Go

Great news for some of our lovely hounds. Dillmore Danny, Feora Max, Kens Laser and Chelms Fred have all gone off to their forever homes. Good luck to one and all. Be happy sweethearts you have gone with much love from us all.
Ross (Knocknassed Gem) also had a wonderful surprise when he was told he will be going to live with Dillymore Danny once she has recovered from her lady op.

Rocco is ready to Rock

Meet the gorgeous Rocco (Icaals Rocco).

Born in July 2019 Rocco has just retired. He is the most loving cuddle monster as you can see in the photo, this is him with his kennel hand and personal slave Jeff.

Rocco will be ready to go home after his man op later this month. If you think you could offer Rocco a loving home please contact Sue on 01206 851360.

News from Kennels this Weekend

This could be something of a branch record.

Hather Pearl was returned yesterday through absolutely no fault of her own.

We took her for a little walk around the field and she met Italian Greyhound Noodle and that was that.

Pearl was returned and then reserved in less than 10 minutes and went home today. Bless her we are so pleased for her.

In other news Sky (Raging Sky) was reserved and will be going home next week. They really are their own best advert. Sky met lots of people and other dogs whilst her new owner was completing some paperwork and she endeared herself to all.

Cleo was practicing walking on a big girls collar and lead and once she settled was very well behaved. She even went for a walk with Dave (Illewin Attempt) who had come to visit. They got on like a house on fire. Fingers crossed Cleo doesn’t wait too much longer for her new home.