Special Appeal

The boys are back in town!

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances Zola and Max are now looking for a forever home together. We cannot separate them.

The boys have had issues with separation anxiety and so are looking for a home where someone is home all of the time in the first instance to spend time working on this.

They have joined us on one of our monthly walks and behaved well.

The boys have been out with our Volunteers and they have also had a weekend break with two of them.

this is what they have said about them.:-

“Both were great in the house, they had an explore and sniff around, but settled down quickly. They laid down when travelling in the car. Zola likes to be with his human most of the time, or at least to know where they are at all times. Max is both a little nervous at times (especially with Rob), and also more inquisitive & playful. Zola being calmer but more clingy. Both slept well, Zola by the bed and Max in the lounge (in his bed, but I suspect also on the sofa!). Both gave a little whine when they needed to go out for a toilet break.

When out both dogs want to be in sight of each other at all times & both walk nicely on their leads. Max usually taking the lead, Zola happy to follow along. Both looked at other breeds of dogs with interest, but no pulling on the lead, lunging at or barking at any dogs at all. They were very well-behaved.

In the house, they seemed more relaxed to let one another out of their sight and did not lay together or need to be in the same room as each other. Both liked a cuddle & being stroked, especially Zola who was a huge cuddle monster! They are lovely stripey boys!

I think they need to be with an active couple who are around the vast majority of the time, (one person with them all the time really), either without any children or with a couple with older children/ teenagers who are interested in them. I don’t think having young children around all the time would be a good fit. These two need to be the main focus fur babies!
To arrange to meet Zola and Max please contact Emma on 07889904874

Larry Appeal

UPDATE. Fantastic news Larry is safe!

He ran into the arms of his special person a few minutes ago.

Huge thanks to all who kept an eye open for him or sent best wishes. Also to the family who rang to let us know he had been in their paddock and to the owners of Park Farms for their help and understanding.

Extra special thanks to the fantastic charity Drone To Home for their assistance .

Shame on the scammers who tried to impersonate them.


Larry has slipped his collar and is running loose.

Last seen at Park House Farm Layer Marney CO5 9UH

If you are in the area and spot Larry PLEASE don’t approach him as he is very nervous and will bolt.

Please report any sightings of him with as much detail as possible to Avril on 07826736386

Thank You.

UPDATE. Larry is still missing although we know he is in the area in which he was lost as there have been sightings of him there. We have volunteers looking, the drone company will help tomorrow morning if they have a drone operator in the area and Larry’s favourite person is keeping an overnight vigil in the place he was lost. We we will keep you all updated.

An Appeal for Storm

Sadly we are having to ask for your help in finding a home for Storm (Oh Darknstormy).
Unfortunately after several weeks in a home where he has settled well and been well behaved both indoors and when out on his walks his owner has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition meaning she is no longer able to walk Storm.
Sadly she has had to make the devastating but correct decision to return him.
Prior to going home Storm had shared his kennel with his brother Slammer (Oh Alabamslama) who we are also appealing for a home for although for a different reason. In the past Storm has also shared his kennel nicely with a girl.

An Appeal for Slammer

We are once again having to ask you to help us find a home for one of our little treasures.

Slammer (Oh alabamaslama) has been at kennels from a tiny puppy and throughout his racing career. He is the friendliest and most loving boy you could wish to meet.

However since retirement Slammer has recently been diagnosed with cataracts.

He has been to a specialist Vet who says they would not recommend any treatment at the moment and it is possible he may not in the future but of course the future is by no means certain and some may find his medical condition an issue when considering adopting a Greyhound.

Full details of his condition and the Veterinary advice given will be shared with anyone who adopts him.

Slammer really is a sweetheart who has in the past shared his kennel with his brother Storm (Oh Darknstormy) who is also subject to an appeal but for different reasons.

Christmas Fair

We know it’s a bit early to mention Christmas what with us not even got as far as Halloween but we need a bit of help.

We have booked a stall at the Felixstowe Craft fair and light up event in November.

If there are any Crafter’s out there who may be able to donate some items for us to sell we would be very grateful.

Perhaps Christmas or winter themed Hats, gloves scarves, cushions, cards anything you are able to make would be much appreciated as would home made dog treats.

If you are able to help please email us at suffolk@greyhoundtrust.org.uk and we will pass on your details to our organising Volunteer who will collect the items from kennels.

An Appeal for Fire

Can you help please?

UPDATE. Fire has now been offered a home. Thank you for reading her post.

Fire (racing name Spring of Fire) is looking for a home or kennel space.

Born 16th February 2020 Fire was homed directly from a trainer and so unfortunately doesn’t come under the umbrella of any Greyhound Trust Branch and so cannot be taken into our care.

Sadly Fire needs a home or kennel space as soon as possible due to family circumstances.

Her current owner says this about her.

“Fire is a really happy bouncy greyhound loves playing one to one with you enjoys her walks. Fire is an ex racer we have her racing card from Ireland she is very loving and will give you cuddle.”

Fire has her vaccination card but she has not been spayed.

We think she would be suited to a home with children over 5 years old who are perhaps used to dogs. Her current owner says she is good with children.


Could you be one of our Foster Families

Could you become a Foster Family?

With kennel space being limited and our system quota being restricted to 10 dogs at any given time we are seeking experienced Greyhound owners to join our fostering team to offer foster homes for some of our dogs, in particular those that have been returned.
Cat free homes a must.  Quiet homes with someone around most of the day would be ideal.  In most cases with careful introductions our dogs would live with a resident Greyhound or medium to large breed.
Out of pocket expenses including food and mileage for kennel visits and any Veterinary costs (preferably and unless in a dire emergency with our Vet) will be covered.
With sometimes once weekly visits to kennels necessary for the dogs to be introduced to prospective adopters you may want to consider your proximity to the kennels.  Perhaps within a 10 mile radius would be acceptable to you?
If you think you may be able to help please email us at suffolk@greyhoundtrust.org.uk with your contact details.

Dear old Ruso was sadly returned when his owner became too ill to care for him. He was fostered by our Volunteer Michelle and her family until we could find him a new family.

Cain (Headford Cain)

Unfortunately after 2 years in a home Cain is being returned. He is currently in foster care where he has been the perfect house guest, he adores his walks and walks nicely on his lead. He loves his food so you may want to keep him out of the kitchen whilst preparing dinner!
Cain has been good with all the other dogs he has met. He hasn’t as yet climbed onto the sofa but that’s a good thing because he doesn’t appear to like being disturbed when he is resting. His foster carers have two beds for him and he hasn’t yet shown any sign of aggression .
Cain was always the happiest of souls when he was at kennels and his tail didn’t stop wagging. However we do feel an adult only home would be best for Cain.

A Special Appeal for Blue

Blue (Gymstar Elusive) is unfortunately looking for a new home.

Despite the absolute best efforts of Blue’s family he is finding their busy home and lifestyle too stressful. They are acting in his best interests by making the heartbreaking decision to return him.

Blue is seeking a quiet adult home where someone is around a lot of the time because he suffers from separation anxiety. With the help of a behaviourist he is making good progress with this.

We understand Blue walks nicely on his lead and is good with other dogs he loves to do zoomies and has had a Labradoodle stay in his home for a week. He seemed more confident with the other dog for company so he may well benefit from a home with another dog.

Blue comes with a crate, two beds and a fabulous array of coats!
If you think you could offer Blue a home please contact Sue on 01206 851360 for more information.

Urgent appeal for Ruby and Rosie

A sad and urgent appeal.

Due to the most tragic of circumstances, their owner is gravely ill, Ruby 11 and Rosie 10 are looking for a home together to spend their twilight years.

We have arranged a lovely foster home for them from 5th January but if we could find a permanent home for them by then that would be fantastic and much less upsetting for them to have to cope with two changes.

Both girls are good indoors, easy to walk and are very affectionate.

Their vaccinations are up to date and they have been well cared for since being adopted from our branch several years ago.

Please work your magic as you have done, so many times before and share their appeal far and wide.

If you think you could offer Ruby and Rosie a home please contact Sue on 01206 851360 or email suffolk@greyhoundtrust.org.uk.