Appeal for Duvets

Kennels are in need of some duvets. If you have any spare they would be most grateful. Kennels are manned 24/7 but the best time to drop them off is any day between 10am and 12 noon or 2pm and 4pm. or perhaps you could bring them along to one of our walks if that is more convenient for you.

Thank you so much.

A Special Appeal for Lacey

Our Kings Lynn branch are seeking a home for a dear little girl called Lacey.
Lacey has been in a home but has been returned because she suffers from separation anxiety. She is 6 years old, very friendly, walks well on her lead and despite her separation anxiety she is clean in the house.
Ideally Lacey would benefit from a home with another Greyhound or with a family who have the time and the willingness to work with Lacey to help her overcome her fears.
If you would like to know more about Lacey or would like to meet her please contact Debbie on 07944578125 or email

An Appeal for Robbie

We are looking for a nice quiet adult only home for Robbie (Racing name Droopys Firmino).Robbie has been with us for a while having been returned twice from two loving and caring families because he was finding busy family life overwhelming.Since being returned Robbie has been cared for by our Volunteer foster family in heir own home.They have been taking Robbie out and about with them (as much as current restrictions allow) getting him used to the car, traffic and busy spaces.Below are their observations regarding Robbie• He soon got used to the car and settles down very quickly, but for obvious reasons we have only done short journeys.• He likes being out in the garden and has spent some time in the greenhouse, having learned it’s a bit warmer in there.• He enjoys having a fuss made of him, but rarely seeks affection. We make the approach to him.• He loves the sofa, but also uses his bed on the floor.• His love of food makes it easy to train him by using treats. He is extremely gentle and has never snatched food.• He is quite playful and enjoys throwing soft toys around the room.• Given the opportunity, he has taken things he shouldn’t. If I leave the downstairs loo door open he will go in there and snaffle the spare toilet roll, for example. However, as soon as we realise he has got something he shouldn’t, we take it off him and there is never a fuss, growl or grumble.• Not necessarily a positive, but he hasn’t bothered about trying to get up the stairs.• He is a quick learnerIn addition to the above Robbie has met various breeds of dog and has behaved well around them, tending to stay close to his foster family.When he first went home, he would wake up very early for a toilet break but he is getting up later everyday now.Robbie really is the sweetest dog. If you think you could offer him a home please get in touch.Our thanks go to Robbie’s foster family and to retired Greyhounds Flossy, Arthur, Gangster, May and Tony who along with their families have been helping Robbie on this journey.
Please see Robbie’s profile page for more photos of him.

A Special Appeal

This is a special appeal for our longest stayer Taylor.

Taylor whose racing name is Bramble Taylor is 6 years old and  apart from a very brief spell in a home has been with us since August 2019

When Taylor arrived, we soon learnt that he had an aversion to small dogs.  However, this is something his Volunteer Ness has been working through with him.

The progress Taylor has made has been remarkable.  He has spent many weekends and sometimes weeks with Ness learning about other dogs as well as all aspects of home life.

This is what Ness has to say about him “He is a lovely boy who I affectionately call Tayls.  He is housetrained, affectionate, loyal, loving, playful. A quick learner and bright.  He enjoys his walks, travels well, but is also a bit lazy.  He just adores people and wants to be friends with everyone.  I feel he needs a human, couple or family who will be at home most of the time or are able to include him in most outings, who will enjoy playing with him daily and give him lots of love and attention with him being the only pet in the household.

If you think you may be able to offer Taylor a home please get in touch.
UPDATE 02/11/20 Great news! Taylor went off to his forever home yesterday.

Billy and Cairns

Remember best friends Billy and Cairns? They were sadly brought to us after their owner died and following a fantastic response to our appeal for a home for them the boys went briefly to a new home. The new owner said they were perfect, clean in the house, loving, gentle, not fazed by other dogs of any size and both walked beautifully on their leads. However after their owner returned to work the boys didn’t cope well with being left for more than a couple of hours. In light of this we are now looking for a home for them where their new family are around most of the day and are happy to work with them to build up the amount of time they are able to be left. We must stress the boys were not badly behaved when left, just stressed. This pair really are fabulous dogs and we long to find the perfect home for them together, we will never separate them.

Billy and Cairns

Sadly best friends Billy (Millwards Billy) and Cairns (Droopys Cairns) have come into kennels because their owner has died. Billy is 6 and Cairns is just 7. They have been in a home together for approx. 3 years and we understand they have lived with a smaller dog. Both boys are upbeat and have settled well given their circumstances. We have promised the boys they will be homed together so if you are looking for a pair please get in touch. They really are the sweetest dogs and they walk beautifully on their leads.

Dog Loose

URGENT! A black male Greyhound new to the area has slipped it’s collar and is loose in Barton Mills IP28 near the roundabout. Sketchy details at the moment but if spotted please call 07966691068. Thank you.

Update This afternoon he has been spotted near the picnic area close to MacDonalds in Barton Mills. Not yet caught but thankfully still alive!

Update Dog found safe and sound and his owner is on his way to collect him.

Our 2019 Christmas Appeal

Please could you help to fill Bert and Rupert’s Santa Sacks? These two lovely boys would like nothing more than another shot at home life this Christmas but time is running out and so the next best thing on their wish list would be some lovely treats to share with their friends. They would be so grateful. Treats of all kinds from Sardines in oil to Gravy Bones would be very welcome. Thank you.

Bert sporting the Tartan and kennel mate Rupert are our 2019 Christmas Appeal Boys

Greaves Needs a New Home

This is what Greaves family have to say about him.

“Due to no fault of his own and purely a change in personal circumstances, Greaves requires a new forever home”.

“Greaves has come a long way since we adopted him in September 2018. He is fully house trained and has been trained to a great level. He responds well to recall (within a closed area) and is able to react to sit, come, wait and bed! He has such a great personality and is at his best when socialising with people and able to live by his routine. This means that he will suit owners who are around for majority of the day. At times he can be nervous in new environments / with new people and can be spooked easily, however with time and commitment we believe this will improve as it has since we adopted him. He is affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa as you can see by his pictures! He also loves a cuddly squeeky toy and we’re now able to play with Greaves in small doses as he can get over-excited / stimulated at times. If you have the time and love to give Greaves then you’ll be rewarded with the most fantastic, loving and loyal pet. We will forever miss Greaves but know that he’ll thrive in the right environment where his owners are able to give him what he needs and where he is centre of all attention! ”

We feel Greaves may benifit from an adult home.