Homed in 2017

83  Happily homed hounds in 2017

Here are all the hounds we homed in 2017.

Khloe – homed 6th January

Tony head Tony– homed 8th January

Gracehead Grace – homed 15th January

Davey head Davey – homed 24th January

Blaze Head Blaze – homed 28th January

Cuddles Head 1 Cuddles – homed 4th February

ollies head resized and cropped Ollie – homed 4th February

Bunny and Cracker 010 (2) Cracker – homed 10th February

Woodie – homed 13th February

Hawk – homed 25th February

Jacob Head Jacob – homed 1st March

Joe – homed 4th March

Stan – homed 5th March

Carrie – homed 15th March

ClaireHead Claire – homed 18th March

Sky – homed 22nd March

Rose – homed 22nd March

Bella – homed 24th March

Tilly – homed 24th March

Angel – homed 26th March

Dragonfly – homed 8th April

Numpty – homed 12th April

 Lyndsey – homed 14th April

Blaze Head Blaze – homed 13th April

Blake – homed 28th April

Jock – homed 8th May

Charlie – homed 8th May

Carrie – homed 14th May

Royal – homed 19th May

Barney – homed 25th May

Arthur – homed 30th May

Alfie – homed 31st May

Heather – homed 10th June

Oscar – homed 10th June

Bing – homed 16th June

Boycie – homed 22nd June

 Wally – homed 1st July

Yunny – homed 7th July

Nassau – homed 10th July

Harry – homed 28th July

Jade – homed 29th July

Trigger – homed 5th August

Goldie – homed 10th August

Mickey – homed 12th August

Sonny – homed 12th August

Pearl – homed 15th August

Phoenix – homed 17th August

Oliver – homed 19th August

Force – homed 25th August

Candyman – homed 26th August

Aero – homed 27th August

Mundo – homed 27th August

Nick – homed 30th August

Goldie – homed 2nd September

Das – homed 3rd September

Joe – homed 3rd September

  Eddie – homed 9th September

Bea – homed 10th September

Dan – homed 26th September

 Mr T – homed 30th September

 Spark – homed 30th September

 Rumble – homed 30th September

Warrior – homed 7th October

Hattie – homed 13th October

Diva – homed 21st October

Will – homed 23rd October

Loki –  homed 25th October

Benny – homed 27th October

Serena -homed 4th November

Spencer – homed 4th November

  Kim – homed 18th November

  Rocky – homed 20th November

Rambo homed 28th November

Lady homed 8th December

Blaze homed 13th December

Finale homed 15th December

Simon – homed 17th December

Jose – homed 17th December

Beanno – homed 20th December

Diesel – homed 21st December

Beannie – homed 27th December

Oska – homed 29th December

 Bernie – homed 31st December