Homed in 2016

71 happily homed hounds in 2016

Here are all the hounds we homed in 2016, along with the dates they were homed. We love to receive updates on our homed hounds, through photos, letters or videos of our hounds progress once they go home – we will share these in blog posts or on our facebook page.

Ivyhead Ivy – 2nd January

Foxhead  Fox – 8th January

conniehead  Connie – 13th January

Bluehead2  Blue – 16th January

Spikehead Spike – 21st January

Suzyhead Suzy – 23rd January

GracieHead Gracie – 27th January

ParkyHead Parky – 6th February

Rosshead Ross – 6th February

ClaireHead  Claire – 13th February

MaggieHead  Maggie – 14th February

Vichead2 Vic – 10th March

Gracehead Grace – 14th March

BernieHead Bernie – 14th March

DukeHead Duke – 30th March

CherryHead Cherry – homed 1st April

Youngerhead Younger – homed 2nd April

Baileyhead Bailey – homed 4th April

Porschehead Porsche – homed 9th April

Ralphs Head Ralph – homed 11th April

CarrieHead Carrie – homed 15th April

Mac Head use Mac – homed 26th April

BillyHead Billy – homed 1st May

OpalHead Opal – homed 5th May

Starhead Star – homed 5th May

TobyHead Toby – homed 6th May

Champ Head Champ – homed 9th May

LJHead L.J (Little Junior) – homed 10th May

Bazz 1 (2) Baz – homed 16th May

JuniorHead Junior – homed 21st May

Woosie head Woosie – homed 4th June

Sprite head (2) Sprite – homed 8th June

Kat Head (2) Kat – homed 11th June

Bonnie head Bonnie – homed 20th June

Lee Head Lee – homed 20th June

Alfie Alfie – homed 22nd June

Steel Head Steel – homed 3rd July

Tornado head Benji – homed 6th July

JanHead2 Jan – homed July

PaddyHead Paddy – homed 11th July

Blue Head use Blue – homed with Ruby on 16th July

Ruby Head use Ruby – homed with Blue on 16th July

Lena Head 2 Lena – homed 16th July

Yankee Head Yankee – homed 16th July

Maggie May Head May – homed 16th July

Rose head Rosie – homed 24th July

IMG_3691 (2) Messi – homed 2nd August

Pants head Pants – homed 7th August

Puffa Head Puffa- homed 7th August

June head June – homed 8th August

Queenie Head Queenie – homed 13th August

Sprite Body (3) Sprite – homed 15th August

Ollie head Ollie – homed 15th August

Mac head Mac – homed 22nd August

Jenny head Jenni – homed 31st August

Michael head (2) Micheal – homed 19th September

Laura head Laura – homed 19th September

Dexter Head Dexter –  homed 30th September

Joker Head resized Joker – homed 1st October

Betty Head Betty –  homed  1st October

Rockie Rockie – homed 6th October

Moodyhead Moody – homed 8th October

Bunny and Cracker 004 (2) Bunny – homed 9th October

IMG_8863 (2) Vic (now Wilfie) – homed 1st November

Kenny 009 (2) Kenny – homed 7th November

Paddy 004 (2) Paddy – homed 28th November

BoHead Bo – homed 3rd December

Ruby Head Ruby – homed 7th December

Rio head Rio – homed 10th December

May Head resized May – homed 17th December