Homed in 2016

71 happily homed hounds in 2016

Here are all the hounds we homed in 2016.

Ivyhead Ivy – 2nd January

Foxhead  Fox – 8th January

conniehead  Connie – 13th January

Bluehead2  Blue – 16th January

Spikehead Spike – 21st January

Suzyhead Suzy – 23rd January

GracieHead Gracie – 27th January

ParkyHead Parky – 6th February

Rosshead Ross – 6th February

ClaireHead  Claire – 13th February

MaggieHead  Maggie – 14th February

Vichead2 Vic – 10th March

Gracehead Grace – 14th March

BernieHead Bernie – 14th March

DukeHead Duke – 30th March

CherryHead Cherry – homed 1st April

Youngerhead Younger – homed 2nd April

Baileyhead Bailey – homed 4th April

Porschehead Porsche – homed 9th April

Ralphs Head Ralph – homed 11th April

CarrieHead Carrie – homed 15th April

Mac Head use Mac – homed 26th April

BillyHead Billy – homed 1st May

OpalHead Opal – homed 5th May

Starhead Star – homed 5th May

TobyHead Toby – homed 6th May

Champ Head Champ – homed 9th May

LJHead L.J (Little Junior) – homed 10th May

Bazz 1 (2) Baz – homed 16th May

JuniorHead Junior – homed 21st May

Woosie head Woosie – homed 4th June

Sprite head (2) Sprite – homed 8th June

Kat Head (2) Kat – homed 11th June

Bonnie head Bonnie – homed 20th June

Lee Head Lee – homed 20th June

Alfie Alfie – homed 22nd June

Steel Head Steel – homed 3rd July

Tornado head Benji – homed 6th July

JanHead2 Jan – homed July

PaddyHead Paddy – homed 11th July

Blue Head use Blue – homed with Ruby on 16th July

Ruby Head use Ruby – homed with Blue on 16th July

Lena Head 2 Lena – homed 16th July

Yankee Head Yankee – homed 16th July

Maggie May Head May – homed 16th July

Rose head Rosie – homed 24th July

IMG_3691 (2) Messi – homed 2nd August

Pants head Pants – homed 7th August

Puffa Head Puffa- homed 7th August

June head June – homed 8th August

Queenie Head Queenie – homed 13th August

Sprite Body (3) Sprite – homed 15th August

Ollie head Ollie – homed 15th August

Mac head Mac – homed 22nd August

Jenny head Jenni – homed 31st August

Michael head (2) Micheal – homed 19th September

Laura head Laura – homed 19th September

Dexter Head Dexter –  homed 30th September

Joker Head resized Joker – homed 1st October

Betty Head Betty –  homed  1st October

Rockie Rockie – homed 6th October

Moodyhead Moody – homed 8th October

Bunny and Cracker 004 (2) Bunny – homed 9th October

IMG_8863 (2) Vic (now Wilfie) – homed 1st November

Kenny 009 (2) Kenny – homed 7th November

Paddy 004 (2) Paddy – homed 28th November

BoHead Bo – homed 3rd December

Ruby Head Ruby – homed 7th December

Rio head Rio – homed 10th December

May Head resized May – homed 17th December