Sleep Tight Woosie

Sad news today. Sweet little Droopys Woosie has crossed the bridge. Woosie was a dear little girl, loved by all. Here is the moving tribute from her heartbroken family.

My heart is broken. My beautiful, loyal, loving baby girl has passed over Rainbow Bridge. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful soul to share my life with. Woosie, you were so gentle and sweet. Life will never be quite the same. You have taken a piece of me with you. Run free my darling. I will love you and miss you forever xxxxxxx 💔💔💔

Sleep soundly Woosie, you will be much missed by your family and all who knew you not least of all your house mate Stan (Ohdarknstormy) You were such a great support and mentor to him. Thank you for that. xxx

Sleep Tight Noah

Noah (Adoras Sapient) March 2013 to Febrauary 2024)

It’s the hardest of weeks this week with news of another of our little ones crossing the bridge.

We have received a sad but lovely message from Noah’s family.

” It’s with heavy hearts we have to let you all know that we had to say goodbye to Noah. Unfortunately it was the dreaded osteosarcoma.

We moved to Suffolk 3 year ago and he loved his life here. He was a cheeky, funny boy who loved his walks, food and lots of cuddles.

We miss him so much”

At Dillymore Noah with his cheeky ways was a firm favourite. He used to make us all smile when he was doing ‘Noah stuff’ collecting items he found in the paddocks and proudly carrying them back to his treasure trove in his kennel.

We would like to thank Noah’s family for the wonderful home they gave him and for when it came to choosing a dog only asked to see whoever had been with us the longest. Luckily for Noah it was him.

Sleep tight Noah, always know you were loved xx

Sleep Tight Des

Romeo Desperado 01/01/2015 – 07/03/2024

Some days are just so hard….. We have received this heartfelt message from Des’s family:-

It is with a heavy heart, but also one filled with love and many, many happy & precious memories that I have to tell you that our brave, loving, affectionate, sweet, funny, playful, intelligent and totally knowing Desi White Chops has passed away. Unfortunately he had bone cancer, borne very stoically, so the vet informed us.

I know many of you have looked after him, (fantastically over the years), groomed him, walked him, raced him and loved him over the years, so I am sure there are many of you who have some great & fond memories of Des (Romeo Desperado).

We nicknamed him Disco Des (among other things!), as he had a very enthusiastic & energetic ‘disco dance routine’ he performed as a lovely welcome home, whenever we returned, (even after popping to the garage for 5 minutes)!! Desi the Helicopter was another favourite name, as his tail resembled an out of control rotor spinning wildly when he saw a favourite person! It both threatened to lift his rear right off the ground and also send a stinging thwack across your unsuspecting legs, if you weren’t careful!

Although Desi had a few set backs he was so good natured, chilled out and friendly that he was still making friends right up to the end, walking up to people, looking up at them with his gorgeous, soft brown eyes and then going in for the full lean! (All to total strangers who looked good for an ear rub, a head pat or possibly a tasty tidbit!). Bless his big heart.

We will miss him terribly, but feel it was the best thing we could have done when we took him home for good at Easter 2023. We watched him kick back and settle in like he had owned the place for years. Even recognising little dogs as fellow canines and not paying them too much attention. He definitely had a soft spot for the pointy nose girlies though, especially a petite blue whippet! The old dog!!

I am sure he knew how much he was loved and he undoubtedly felt comfortable and safe in his home, (with his fully trained ‘staff’ on hand to bow to his every whim!). He showed us every day how much he loved us right back and we are forever grateful for the time we have spent together. Thank you all for your kindness & care to Des. He would say it himself, if he could.

Sleep tight my boy. We will remember & love you forever. Mummy & Daddy xxx

Thank you to Ness and Rob for the love and devotion they showed Des, getting to know him, earning his trust and for the many days and weekends they spent with him prior to taking him home.

Thank you also to those who knew and loved Des and those who made sure he always knew he was loved.

Rest easy lovely Des and thank you for your hard work as one of our Greyhound Ambassadors xx

Sleep Tight Gary

We don’t want to make you cry at Christmas but we have just received this beautiful tribute to Gary (Sambitanco)

On Saturday we had to say goodbye to Gary. It’s hard to put into words what he meant to us, but I’ll give it a go. Above all else, he was loving and that’s what everyone saw in him. He was a sucker for a stroke and except from towards the end, he would stand for hours just to get some loving and he didn’t care too much who he got it from. He was also a fan of cheese, broccoli, apples, dentistix and any other form of food he could find. He didn’t overly discriminate from none food items either; I lost two coasters, several pairs of slippers and socks to his interest. Gary was full of personality and wasn’t like any other dog I’ve met. He never barked and would sing us a welcome home song (mostly whining and crying) whenever he heard the car pull up, or even when he heard us stirring in the mornings. Gary was famously lazy, rarely leaving his bed and was known to try get back into the house when going out for a walk. Although hard to imagine, Gary slowed down in his latter years, which was well deserved having retired from racing at the grand age of 5. Last week he developed a lump on his front leg and tests showed he had cancer; due to his age and size, treatment options were poor and it was unlikely he would have any quality of life. Sam and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep, before his pain became intolerable. We were with him when he left us and he was doing what he loved; eating gravy bones. Losing Gary has been like no other pain we have felt before. He was a real showcase of the breed and utterly irreplaceable. Gary had been through all the ups and downs of life with us over the last 4 years and no one could wish for a better companion. We will never not miss you Gary and if we could have taken your cancer away and kept you for many more years to come, we would have. Goodbye friend 🌈🐾💔

Our hearts go out to Gary’s family. We thank them for giving him such a loving home and a wonderful retirement.

Sleep tight sweetheart. xxx

Farewell Sweet Andy

We are so sad to post that Andy, Tyrur Andy has crossed the bridge.

Andy was such a Gentleman of a dog and our hearts go out to Andy’s family who loved him dearly.

Here is their lovely tribute to him:-

“We are so sad to say that dear Andy has passed away

He has been an absolute joy and a perfect companion for Kat in their years together.

Andy came to us as a quiet boy who liked to live under the stairs and blossomed into this adorable boy who loved his adventures with us. He has had so many lovely times. He was a popular boy in the local park, the people carrying treats were his favourites.

He had given all he could and life got achey and sore and tired for him.

Rest in peace our gorgeous loving boy Andy ❤️

Tyrur Andy 14.04.2011-4.12.2023″

We are so thankful that Andy and Kat had such an understanding family.

Run free dear Andy, hopefully with Kat who would have done her spinning act the moment she saw you at the bridge. xx

Sleep Tight Rebel

We have sad news to share today.

Rebel (Mountjoy Rebel) has crossed the Rainbow Bridge aged 12.

Rebel was born, raised, raced and retired from Dillymore and held a special place in the hearts of John, Deb and the team.

Rebels heartbroken owner say this about him.

“When I met him for the first time in 2014, John told me I would never find a better boy than Rebel – how right he was!

Rebel and I were together for nine wonderful years. The love of my life – he has left a massive hole in our family. Loved by everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting him.

We are heartbroken and lost”.

Our hearts go out to Rebels family and friends and we thank them for making his retirement such a loving and happy one.

Sleep tight sweetheart, you will never be forgotten. XX

Hather Pearl

Sadly we have to tell you that Pearl (Hather Pearl) has crossed the bridge at the tender age of 5 years.

Her family had to make the heart breaking decision to ease her suffering. A brave decision knowing just how much that would hurt but of course these decisions are always the correct ones.

Dear little Pearl suffered from an autoimmune condition which affected her gums. Despite 7 months of intensive treatment with antibiotics and steroids the condition did not improve and was taking it’s toll on other areas of Pearls life. When it was clear no cure could be found her loving family along with advice from her Vet came to the decision not to let her suffer any further.

We remember Pearl well and feel for her family. We thank them for the loving home they gave her and for doing all they could for her.

Pearl’s Mum says “My beautiful Black Pearl was only 5 and had her whole life ahead of her. The 14 months she had with me she was loved and cherished and I hope she knew. She will never be forgotten”

Sleep tight and heal well for a while precious Pearl and then go run free with all of those beautiful hounds that have gone before you. xx

Sleep Tight Stan

We are truly saddened by some of the news we have to post and today is no exception.

We have received the heartbreaking news that Stan (Spindrifter) has lost his courageous battle with bone cancer at just 8 years old. We have known Stan since he was a puppy and will miss him on our monthly walks.

His family have written a lovely tribute to him which we share with you all.

“He was a wonderful dog, a very happy dog, a character known by all who live in my neighbourhood and beyond.

He never made a fuss, he never made a mess he always did what he was asked. Eventually.

He was stubborn, liked to walk the way he wanted to go, and we always gave in to him. He liked that.

He went to sleep with me holding him and his adopted human pack very close by.

It is so hard to let my ‘ Dog Son’ go but it was time.

There is a massive ‘Stan sized’ hole in our hearts, we will always love him and never forget how much happiness he brought to our lives.

Goodbye Stan”.

May your spirit fly high and free from pain with your brother Tudor we are sure he will be waiting for you.

We will love and remember you always xx

Sleep Tight Chico

Old Fort Chico 16.02.16 to 27.06/23

It is with the heaviest of hearts we announce the crossing of the bridge of one of our much loved Ambassadors Chico. Another taken too soon at just 7 years old with that most dreadful disease, cancer.

Chico was affectionately known by us and his family as cheeky boy Chico because that’s exactly what he was. So full of character and the friendliest boy you could wish to meet. He was a real asset on our meet and greet sessions, promoting Greyhounds as the wonderful pets they are. He was also a bit of a celebrity in his neighbourhood. To meet Chico was to love him and many did.

Chico will be sorely missed not only by his human family who loved him beyond compare but by his pals Rottweilers Reggie and Ronnie who adored him and always let Chico choose which games to play.

Chico you will be sorely missed by all who knew you. May your beautiful spirit fly high and free from pain. We will never forget sweetheart. Sleep well xxx

Chico wearing his smart Orange fleece at one of our meet and greet sessions.

Sad News

At times life can be so unbelievably cruel.

Dear sweet Penny who we put a homing appeal for only a couple of weeks ago has sadly had to cross the Rainbow Bridge after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Her new family and of course her previous family are devastated.

Although Penny had only shared her life with her new family for a short while she had settled well and fitted in nicely with her two Greyhound companions Izzy and Jack. Her family say she was the sweetest most gentle soul and will be much missed.

We would like to thank Penny’s family from the bottom of our hearts for giving Penny a loving home, their kindness in her hour of need will never be forgotten

Rest easy dear Penny, it is to our regret we never got to meet you personally.