Homed in 2019

20 happily homed hounds in 2019

Here are all the greyhounds we have homed in 2019 so far, along with the dates they were homed. We love to receive updates on homed hounds, through photos, letters or videos of our hounds progress once they go home – we will share these in blog posts or on our facebook page.

Angel, homed 2nd January

Benny, homed 5th January

‘The Doctor’, homed 7th January

Des, homed 12th January

Danny, homed 18th January

Jock, homed 10th February

Vic, homed 10th February

Magic homed 2nd March

Bambi, homed 2nd March

Sid, homed 3rd March

Bob, homed 3rd March

Gangster, homed 9th March

Katie, homed 15th March

Chico, homed 16th March

Earl, homed 23rd March

Skye, homed 5th April

Alfie, homed 8th April

Dart, homed 19th April

Conor, homed 19th April

Mickey, homed 26th April