Homed in 2018

44 happily homed hounds in 2018

Here are all the greyhounds we have homed in 2018 so far, along with the dates they were homed. We love to receive updates on homed hounds, through photos, letters or videos of our hounds progress once they go home – we will share these in blog posts or on our facebook page.

  Jacksonhomed 3rd January

 Rory (Blue)  homed 7th January

 Rory (Brindle) – homed 11th January 

 Gold homed 12th January

 Ennishomed 14th January

Jenny – homed 13th January

Angel –  homed 27th January

Bertie – homed 5th February

Devon – homed 17th February

Toby – homed 24th February

 Bono – homed 4th March

 Peter homed 4th March

Woody – homed  4th March

Jaxx – homed 11th March

Barney – homed 25th March

Jack – homed 27th March

Bobby – homed 29th March

Socks – homed 29th March

Lass – homed 30th March

Enzo – homed 31st March

King – homed 8th April

 Candy – homed 14th April

 Darcy – homed 14th April

Tony – homed 15th April

Joe – homed 29th April

  Keith – homed 30th April

Miranda – homed 12th May

Eva – homed 16th May

Noah – homed 27th May

Jill – homed 10th June

Jodie – homed 10th June

Max- homed 12th June

Freddie – homed 23rd June

Lordyhomed 7th July

Nemo – homed 10th July

Cookie – homed 18th July

Nina – homed 16th July

Missy – homed 26th July

Blondie – homed 27th July

Lofty – homed 1st August

Caesar – homed 11th August

Honey homed 12th August

Blue – homed 18th August

Chico – homed 19th August