Homed in 2017

83  Happily homed hounds in 2017

Here are all the hounds we have homed in 2017, along with the dates they were homed. We love to receive updates on our homed hounds, through photos, letters or videos of our hounds progress once they go home – we will share these in blog posts or on our facebook page.

Khloe – homed 6th January

Tony head Tony– homed 8th January

Gracehead Grace – homed 15th January

Davey head Davey – homed 24th January

Blaze Head Blaze – homed 28th January

Cuddles Head 1 Cuddles – homed 4th February

ollies head resized and cropped Ollie – homed 4th February

Bunny and Cracker 010 (2) Cracker – homed 10th February

Woodie – homed 13th February

Hawk – homed 25th February

Jacob Head Jacob – homed 1st March

Joe – homed 4th March

Stan – homed 5th March

Carrie – homed 15th March

ClaireHead Claire – homed 18th March

Sky – homed 22nd March

Rose – homed 22nd March

Bella – homed 24th March

Tilly – homed 24th March

Angel – homed 26th March

Dragonfly – homed 8th April

Numpty – homed 12th April

 Lyndsey – homed 14th April

Blaze Head Blaze – homed 13th April

Blake – homed 28th April

Jock – homed 8th May

Charlie – homed 8th May

Carrie – homed 14th May

Royal – homed 19th May

Barney – homed 25th May

Arthur – homed 30th May

Alfie – homed 31st May

Heather – homed 10th June

Oscar – homed 10th June

Bing – homed 16th June

Boycie – homed 22nd June

 Wally – homed 1st July

Yunny – homed 7th July

Nassau – homed 10th July

Harry – homed 28th July

Jade – homed 29th July

Trigger – homed 5th August

Goldie – homed 10th August

Mickey – homed 12th August

Sonny – homed 12th August

Pearl – homed 15th August

Phoenix – homed 17th August

Oliver – homed 19th August

Force – homed 25th August

Candyman – homed 26th August

Aero – homed 27th August

Mundo – homed 27th August

Nick – homed 30th August

Goldie – homed 2nd September

Das – homed 3rd September

Joe – homed 3rd September

  Eddie – homed 9th September

Bea – homed 10th September

Dan – homed 26th September

 Mr T – homed 30th September

 Spark – homed 30th September

 Rumble – homed 30th September

Warrior – homed 7th October

Hattie – homed 13th October

Diva – homed 21st October

Will – homed 23rd October

Loki –  homed 25th October

Benny – homed 27th October

Serena -homed 4th November

Spencer – homed 4th November

  Kim – homed 18th November

  Rocky – homed 20th November

Rambo homed 28th November

Lady homed 8th December

Blaze homed 13th December

Finale homed 15th December

Simon – homed 17th December

Jose – homed 17th December

Beanno – homed 20th December

Diesel – homed 21st December

Beannie – homed 27th December

Oska – homed 29th December

 Bernie – homed 31st December