Bambi and Sid

Today we bid a fond farewell to Sid and Bambi. It was such a wonderful surprise for Bambi who didn’t even know he was having a visitor. Athen who had sadly lost his friend recently came along with his owners to choose a new friend and he and Bambi really hit it off. We hope everything works out for Bambi because he has waited so long for his turn, in fact he has been with us since July. Sid on the other hand being the handsome tiny little boy that he is hardly waited anytime at all. We wish both boys all the best in their new homes, they go with much love from us all. Be happy sweethearts.

Bambi going home with Athen
Sid with his family

A Flying Start!

2019 got off to a flying start today with Benny going home to live with Oska who we previously homed.  Good luck Benny we hope you and Oska will have many hours of fun together.
Magic and Des were both reserved today subject to home checks

Brindle Benny with his new family.

Thank you

What a wonderful band of supporters our hounds have! They thank you all from the bottom of their big hearts for the fabulous treats they have received again this Christmas. Pictured on their treaty table represents only about a third of what you have donated or contributed towards. They have their own Turkey, 60 trays of their favourite meat, and everything from Sardines to Sausage Rolls, Rabbits ears to Pigs in blankets and every other dog treat you could possibly think of. They will have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you so much and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Homing News

Great news for Mickey, he went off to start his new life today in his forever home.  Good luck Mickey you are such a sweetheart have a lovely life.

Jon thought all his Christmas’s had come at once when he was given the good news that his new family had passed the home check and that he would be going home in between Christmas and New Year. He is looking forward to the weekend because they are coming to visit him again.




Weekend Update

It has been an eventful weekend at kennels. Queenie has gone to her new family, Jon has been reserved pending a home check and Leo has been out for brunch at Needham Lakes with his friends Davey and Toby. Could be exciting news for Mickey tomorrow because he is going to visit his prospective family while the home check is carried out. The family have fallen for him, we hope their other dogs like him in their house as much as they liked him in his paddock! fingers crossed for him.