News from Kennels this Weekend

This could be something of a branch record.

Hather Pearl was returned yesterday through absolutely no fault of her own.

We took her for a little walk around the field and she met Italian Greyhound Noodle and that was that.

Pearl was returned and then reserved in less than 10 minutes and went home today. Bless her we are so pleased for her.

In other news Sky (Raging Sky) was reserved and will be going home next week. They really are their own best advert. Sky met lots of people and other dogs whilst her new owner was completing some paperwork and she endeared herself to all.

Cleo was practicing walking on a big girls collar and lead and once she settled was very well behaved. She even went for a walk with Dave (Illewin Attempt) who had come to visit. They got on like a house on fire. Fingers crossed Cleo doesn’t wait too much longer for her new home.

Young Master

This week whilst waiting for his forever home Master has been practicing living with a family and what can we say 🙂 The main thing that we have had confirmed is what a fantastic boy he really is! He absolutely adores people, will always come to greet you with a happy face and a wagging tail, he loves his food, thinks walks are really exciting and as for toys well words cannot even begin to explain how much fun squeaky toys or a ball are! He is clean in the house and seems to be picking up basic commands already.This brilliant boys is so ready to have his forever home, he really is an absolute star 🌟 We’re sure it won’t be long before all his dreams come true

Romeo Desperado

Des (Romeo Desperado) is having a fabulous holiday with his best friend Ness.This weekend he has been particularly busy. This is what Ness tells us Desi has been up to.
“On Saturday Des had a run around the dog park in Ipswich with a Mastiff/Rotte Cross. Then we visited various family members. Des behaved like an total Angel!On Sunday Des caught the train from Westerfield to Felixstowe (and back). Where he bumped into one of his kin, Arthur, (and Brian & Jill too). Des had fun on the beach & a leisurely stroll through the seafront gardens. I think he wore his little self out!Bless his little white chops”.
He has spent Monday just chilling, he must be shattered!

Wisp goes home

Good news for little Wisp (old name was Kind Secret) this morning. She was reserved and went home before we had time to add her to the website! We will be seeing a lot of this pretty little girl as she is going to be one of our greyhound ambassadors at future events.

In other news, Bee, Jasper, Flo and Lee and Chilli and Ella visited for pedicures – lovely to see you and thanks for the donations.


Due to a sad change in family circumstances Lucia (Racing name Burgess Lucia) has been returned.
Lucia is currently being fostered with Robbie (Droopys Firmino) and they are getting on really well, it’s a real love affair. They are playing together and doing zoomies around the sitting room. Good job our foster carers are so laid back!

Birdie makes friends

It was Birdie’s (Swithins Bird) turn to meet Lottie the Lurcher and Sam the Lab today. Both meetings went extremely well and we were able to remove Birdie’s muzzle. We know Birdie really well because he spent part of his racing career at Dillymore and were confident he wouldn’t be overwhelmed at the sight of ‘non Greyhounds’ But Rabbits now that is a different matter! He and Lottie were soon on the trail of them and ended up investigating the burrows. Sam wasn’t in the least bit interested in them, he much preferred to look at his Mum for good boy treats.

A Major Step Forward

When Major arrived just a couple of weeks ago he was a shy lad who took his lead from his then kennel mate Evie. Over the next few days he came out of his shell and was happy to greet you at the front of the kennel. We were a little worried for him when his friend Evie went to her forever home but we needn’t have been, he has come on leaps and bounds and spent a lovely afternoon with Lottie the Lurcher yesterday. They had great fun in the paddocks together and exploring the grounds, paying particular attention to the rabbit warrens!

When Roger met Sam

Following on from last weeks introduction to Lottie the Lurcher Roger (Coolleagh Recruit) met Sam the Labrador today. What a great success that was. Roger although curious, behaved extremely well and after some distanced parallel walking joined Sam in sniffing around the grounds and eventually each other. Roger is such a good lad on his lead, you hardly know you have got him.Well done Roger for coping so well and well done Sam the Labrador for doing a sterling job on his first assignment as a stooge dog.Once again Roger is wearing his muzzle as a precaution which is always sensible on initial introductions.