We have news of recently homed Simon.  He has changed his name to Edgar ( how very grand) and is settling in well.  He lives with two Terriers and some horses.  His new family say he is a great yard dog, he thinks he is a Terrier and they love him too bits.  Lovely outcome for this super young man.

Simon (Edgar) in the tack room with the Terriers.

Simon (Edgar) with some of his Christmas presents.




13.06.08 – 13.10.17

Our loyal and loving friend, you were always by our side.

We miss you so very much. You hold a special place in our hearts forever, our beautiful boy..

We received this lovely tribute to Lordie from his devoted family yesterday.  We think this pretty much sums up how we all feel when we loose our much loved hounds.  Run free dear Lordie with all our hounds that have gone before you.


Here is Kim relaxing in her new home.  Kim only went home on Saturday and she is settling in well.  She has been busy learning about all sorts of things including  other breeds of dogs, horses and the joy of having squirrels in the garden.  She is getting on well with her friend who isn’t a greyhound and nowhere near as tall as her.  She thinks it’s funny that he can walk underneath her!

Update on Diva

Here is recently homed Diva enjoying a trip to her local.  Diva is settling in well in her new home. She has learned all about other breeds of dogs and is now learning that it is o.k to be left at home on her own for a little while.  Diva absolutely loves people and so at first being on her own was a bit of a worry for her but now she is confident that her family will always come back she is coping much better.

Serena and Spencer

Today we bid farewell to Serena and Spencer.  Lovely that they both went home on the same day. They had arrived together and had shared a kennel both at their racing kennel and here at Dillymore.  We wish them both lots of luck and send them on their way with love from us all.

Homing news

Good luck to all our babies that went home in October.  Warrior, Hattie, Dazz, Diva, Will, Loki and Bennie you were a pleasure to have at Dillymore.  You go with much love from us all
November is looking good with reserved dogs Serena and Kim going home shortly.