Farley Totti

Unfortunately today’s post is a sad one,
We have learned of the passing of Farley Totti at the age of 12. Totti as we called him at kennels was affectionately known as Tommy when he went to his forever home.
His owner paid tribute to him saying Tommy was a wonderful dog, not a moments trouble and was quite simply her whole world. Our thoughts are very much with her.
Thank you to Tommy’s racing owner who has sent us a photo of him in his prime. Tommy made the final of the prestigious Puppy Derby and a video of that race can be found on our Facebook page.
Rest well dear Tommy, much love xx

Good News

After what has been a trying week for most of us there is still some good news to be had. Paul, Norman, Lima and Bosch all went off to their forever homes with much love from us all.

Saving Face

The fabulous Face (Saving Face) went to his forever home today. We will miss his lovely kisses and cuddles but we couldn’t be happier for him. What a lovely boy.

Update on Derek

We have had news of recently homed Derek (Not so Classical) He is now known as Rory and this is what his family have to say about him ” He’s really settled in well and looks forward to his twice-daily walks, meeting other dogs and people.  He’s very keen on the people who make a fuss of him, recognising them from a long way off when he sees them again!” Here he is trying out his new bed.

David Goes Home

We are happy to report that David (Swaby’s Gift) went off to his forever home yesterday. He is now going to be known as Finn.
This week also saw Seb (Slick Sebastian) and Mickey (Mickeys Paddox) go to their forever homes. We hope to be able to publish photos of all three in their homes shortly.
Good luck and much love to you all. xxx


We have had news of recently homed Moses (Swift Monsoon). His family say he is settling in well, sleeping through the night and is enjoying his walks. He is still young and is into everything particularly shoes and slippers but they say he is great fun to be around.

A Good Start to the New Year

Things have got off to a flying start this year with Kassie and Kevin in their new homes already and Bob going home this weekend.
It was good news for one of our longer stayers Lulu who was reserved today pending our usual home check.


We have had news of Rupert. He is settling in very well with his family and he has even been to see us. He came and said hello to us all at the Bentley Fun Day and Dog show. Lovely outcome for this little darling.

Paddy / Daddy

Well, I have to admit that this update on Daddy, now known as Paddy, bought a tear to my eye. Paddy went home last Monday, and his new owners say:
Our major concern when choosing another greyhound was that we have 3 small terrier type dogs already and we didn’t want them to be upset by a newcomer. After looking on the Dillymore website we thought that Jack might be the one, as he was small. We brought our dogs along with us and Sue introduced Jack, a delightful dog, but much too bouncy for my dogs, one of which is nearly 16 years old. Sue and Avril both thought that Daddy would be more suitable. He totally ignored my dogs and when he did sniff Rosie, who is tiny, she growled at him and he immediately backed off. We had another visit the following day and this time walked the dogs together and then let them loose in the run. Daddy behaved perfectly. The photographs show how devoted Paddy has become to our dogs, and little Rosie snuggled up to him. We could not be more delighted with him and are so grateful to Sue for her excellent advice and for finding us the perfect dog.