We Try Again!

We have organised our first walk of 2021, on 13th August. Barring a total lock down we absolutely will not be cancelling this one!
All meet at the Community Hall Stutton at 7pm for an evening walk to Alton Water or for those who prefer a shorter walk around the local footpaths of Stutton.
Tea, Coffee and Cakes will be served in the hall at the end of the walk.
We just can’t wait to see you all.
We will also be taking part in a fundraising walk on September 12th but full details of this walk hosted by one of our generous supporters who has pledged a £5 donation for every dog taking part will appear shortly.

June Walk Cancelled

Unfortunately due to Governments delay in relaxing restrictions we are having to cancel the June 27th walk.Disappointed doesn’t come close! We are so sorry, we were really looking forward to seeing you all.We will organise an evening walk in July assuming all restrictions are lifted by then.

June Walk

Change of Venue. Due to the Orwell Challenge being organised on the same day as our walk we have had to change the venue. We will now be meeting at Shotley Marina, opposite the Shipwreck Bar and Restaurant IP9 1QJ. The duration of the walk which will take in stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside will be approximately 1 hour depending how much chatting and catching up with one another we do along the way. We are so looking forward to seeing you all.

September Walk Cancelled

Despite the fact that everyone who attended our last walk at Shotley in August acted sensibly and within the then government Covid – 19 guidelines we are forced to cancel our September walk at Hollesley because we cannot find a way around the 6 people rule.We are so sorry to all who had intended to come along but the last thing we would want apart from anybody falling ill is for anybody to face a fine.Disappointed doesn’t come close but we will organise another walk just as soon as we are legally allowed. In the meantime we send good wishes to you all and thank you for the fantastic support you all give us.

Great Global Greyhound Walk

Unfortunately the Great Global Greyhound Walk scheduled for 4th October has been cancelled. We are sorry for those who have worked so hard organising this event, sourced and made merchandise and for the charities who would have benefited from the profits and donations received.Our next walk is on Sunday 27th September in Hollesley, please see What’s on for details.We will be holding an October walk, probably towards the end of the month but the date and location are to be finalised.

Shotley Walk 2020

We were joined by 36 Greyhounds including kennel dog Bramble Taylor and one companion for our first walk since February. It was great to catch up with you all. Many thanks to The Shipwreck who welcomed us before and after the walk. Our next walk will be in Hollesley on Sunday 27th September, details can be found on here under Whats on.

Mistley Walk

Our Greyhounds are a hardy bunch, undeterred by the wind and the rain around 40 of them joined in our walk today. Kennel dogs Taylor (Bramble Taylor), Whizz (Whizzy Devil), Harry Brown (Knockhard Spring) and Boysie (Itsurboy) came along and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to Mistley Place Park cafe for your hospitality.

New Years Day Walk

71 Greyhounds and 6 of their companions joined us for our New Years Day walk in Stutton. Kennel dogs Lulu, Dave, Taylor and Mickey came along to. Many thanks to Pat and everyone who provided the refreshments, those who helped to set up and clear the hall and of course to everyone who joined us and made such generous donations.