A12 Closure

The A12will be closed at Capel St Mary in cluding outside of Dillymore from 9pm Friday 22nd May until Monday morning. If you were planning to visit kennels please rearrange.

A Tribute to Jose

We have had some heartbreaking news.
Sadly Jose (King Zlatan) has crossed the bridge. Jose was such a little trouper having become a tripod after loosing a leg to the dreaded cancer. His family have written a tear jerking yet wonderful tribute to him. Our hearts go out to them.
“On the 23rd of March our beautiful boy Jose passed away. His remaining front leg fractured and x-rays showed signs of osteo again so we had no choice but to let him go””We always feared this day would come but after proving all the experts wrong and making it two years cancer free we hoped his luck had changed but sadly not”
“Jose was the most gentle, sensitive loving soul who did not deserve to be taken so young but the old Chinese proverb is true The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long”
“Although we are struggling to fill the void we are grateful to have the wonderful memories and we both agree it was the best few years of our lives with our happy little family”.

Run free from pain dear Jose your brave and determined spirit were an inspiration to all that knew and loved you. xx
King Zlatan Jan 2016 to March 2022

Mistley Walk

56 dogs and their families enjoyed a beautiful walk in the spring sunshine at Mistley today.
The short walkers took a stroll along the river front and the long walkers went through the woods to Furze Hill.
Amazingly 14 and a half year old Amber did both!
Many thanks to Film Star Freddie for leading the long walk, Sharon for collecting donations totaling £49.80 for the owners of Mistley Place Park who kindly allowed us to use their car park and toilet facilities. This will help with the upkeep of the animals that remain at the park since it’s closure.
Many more photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Tomorrows Walk

Just a reminder we have a walk at Mistley tomorrow. Full details are in the What’s on section.
The owner of Mistley Place Park has kindly allowed us to use the car park and toilet facilities even though sadly the park and cafe are now closed.
We would be very grateful if car park users would be kind enough to make a voluntary 50p donation we could pass to the park owner to help with the upkeep of the animals that still remain there.Strictly no obligation but thanks in advance if you are happy to help.

Zola and Max

Four days in their forever home and Zola and Max are feeling at home already.Here is what their family say about them
“Four days in and they have settled really well. Their different characters are really starting to show and apart from the laminate flooring being very scary to start with they have now faced their fears and made the house their own. Apart from the loss of a trainer and some midnight snacking they settled at night straight away”.
So happy for these lovely brothers and pleased they didn’t have to wait too long before someone came along wanting a pair because we could never have separated them.

Next Walk

Sunday 3rd April 2022.  11am
Mistley Place Park, New Road, Mistley CO11 1ER

One of our most popular walks. There will be a short pushchair / wheelchair friendly walk taking in the river front and a longer walk to Furze Hill and Old Knobbly.
By kind permission of the Mistley Park Place owners we can use their car park but sadly the cafe is now closed.All breeds of dogs are welcome on this walk

Hadleigh Walk 2022

At least 60 dogs (we lost count) joined us for a glorious walk in the winter sunshine in Hadleigh this morning. Kennel dogs Zola (Notouttheway) and Max (Detroit) came along on their first walk outside of kennels. They coped extremely well especially when encountering other breeds of dog, geese and ducks. They will be going home shortly after their man ops in early march.
Many thanks to Angie for leading the walk and to The George for making us welcome afterwards.
Lots more photos on our Facebook page