Fun and Games for Chico

Our longest stayer, the lovely Chico had fun and games this morning.  First of all he went for a game of chase with his volunteer in the paddocks and then he learnt a new game of find the treat.  He had to use his nose and his brain to work out where the treats were in the ball pit.  He loved that game.  He then had a good brush and lots of cuddles. Dear little Chico, he would so love a family to call his own.

Great Global Greyhound Walk Woodbridge

Today 53 sight hounds and 6 of their companions took part in the Great Global Greyhound Walk at Woodbridge.  Lofty who has waited so long for his forever home had a second date with Mavis.  Will who was our special boy for so long paid us a surprise visit and we are happy to report he has come on leaps and bounds with the help of his family.  We are always so pleased to see all of our homed hounds.  Thank you for your continued support.

Homing Update

After a slow May things have really picked up again on the homing front.  The beautiful Sisters Jodie and Jill have been reserved and will be going home together.  Tudor, Missy and Freddie are reserved subject to home checks, Cookie is having a second visit from his potential family and Lofty has a third date with Mavis. Fingers crossed all goes well with the home checks and that Cookie and Lofty’s second and third dates go well.

Meet and Greet at Morrisons

Wow!  What a welcome we received at Morrisons in Dovercourt today.  A big thank you to Cally for allowing us to visit, John from the Customer Services team for looking after us all day and to all staff for making us feel so welcome. What a team.
What generous customers too.  You donated  an absolutely amazing sum of £347.99.  Our heart felt thanks to all who contributed and to those who took the time to chat to us and our hounds Spring, Jodie, Jill, Missy and Dart.

National Greyhound Day

Our National Greyhound Day event was spent at the Monks Eleigh Fete.  We took kennel dog Lofty along in the hope of finding him a home, he has waited such a long time.
Volunteer Terry who was ably assisted by Davey (Millwards Davey) gave an interesting and informative talk in the show ring about the history of the Greyhound while our volunteers and supporters paraded their hounds.

Monks Eleigh Fete

Monks Eleigh fete and dog show 1st June IP7 7JL
This is a fete we will be attending but will not have a stall.  If you would like to come along we would be very pleased to see you because Volunteer Terry will be giving a presentation on greyhounds and we have been asked to parade our greyhounds in the show ring so the more the merrier.
The fete starts at 1pm and finishes at 5pm.  Terry will be presenting and the hounds will be paraded at approx. 4.15