Paul Goes Home

It was Paul’s (Lotstoliveupto) lucky day yesterday when he went to his forever home. Paul who was terribly shy when he first arrived took to his new family straight away and walked quite happily with them, not something he normally does until he really gets to know you.
We are all so in love with Paul and wish him all the very best in his new home. See you soon sweetheart xx

Sleep Tight Ben

Our hearts are broken once again when we have to tell you that Ben has died.Ben came to kennels with his brother Will and Sisters Rosie and Heart. It’s fair to say they didn’t have the best start in life and came to us in need of care both physically and mentally. After much TLC from all at Dillymore and with the love and kindness of our then Volunteers Mark and Dawn Ben began to blossom. Mark in particular would spend hours and hours building Ben’s confidence. He and Dawn would take Ben to their home where their own two dogs Clarence and Connie helped Ben no end.Finally Ben was ready to go home and what a fantastic home he had. His new family carried on Mark and Dawns good work and Ben truly came into his own. We will be eternally grateful for the life and the love they gave Ben and our hearts go out to them in this time of sadness.Here is what Ben’s family have said about him.”Ben was such a loving soul, loved to chill, when he had something to say he’d come up close and look deeply into your eyes. Loved to cuddle with his head buried in you, but don’t be fooled he would bounce around like a puppy. He loved the local greyhound walks, meeting humans and hounds but behaved as if all were his lifelong best friends. Walking the fields behind our house were an excitement, the pre walk prep a challenge as he danced about so much with excitement. If you needed a pal to sit with in the night Ben was always there. Thank you for all you did to bring to release the true”Sleep tight sweetheart, your strength of character to overcome such adversity, your loving ways and gentle nature are an inspiration to us all.

Good Luck Buster

Good news for Buster (Swift Justify). He went home yesterday and seems to have settled in well already.Have a lovely retirement sweet pea. Lots of love from us all.xx

Spring Springs into Action

Our beautiful Greyhound Ambassador Spring put her calm nature and kind ways to good use when she meet up with Luka (Drumcrow Sherpa) for a confidence building walk in Mistley. Luka is a little worried by things outside of his comfort zone and so Spring’s owners offered Spring’s services. The walk went very well and Luka seemed to enjoy it and was more settled with Spring by his side. They are hoping to meet up again soon. Well done both and thank you to Spring’s owners for their kindness.

Sleep Tight Renny

Very sad to report that another of our precious hounds has crossed the Bridge. His family have written a beautiful tribute to him.
Our beautiful boy Renny sadly passed away on 31st July 2020. We adopted Renny (Hollyoak Renoir) from you 10 years ago, and he was a few months off his 15th birthday when he passed away. He was the most loving, kind and gentle of souls and everyone who knew him in our village will miss him dearly. We will always love him and never forget all the love and happiness he gave us.
Our thoughts are very much with Renny’s family at this time.
Rest peacefully dear Renny knowing you will always have a special place in the hearts of those who loved you.xx
Hollyoak Renoir Oct 2006 – July 2020

Good Luck Arthur

Yesterday it was the turn of Arthur (Bockos Arthur) to go to his forever home. Lucky boy has gone to live with Flossy who is one of our longest if not the longest serving Greyhound Ambassador. Flossy has been so sad since she lost her best friend Lucky but we are sure Arthur being the happy little chap he is will cheer her up no end.Good luck Arthur you have certainly fallen on all four paws in your new home, we shall look forward to you joining us at our next promotional event, goodness knows when that will be!

Farewell Fisher

Today it was the turn of Fisher (Droopys Fisher) to go to his forever home.
Good luck Fisher, you weren’t with us for long, just long enough for us to fall madly and deeply in love with you.

Could it be Forever?

We hardly dare to dream that this time Bosch’s (Swift Bosch) home is forever.It’s been a long wait for Bosch who is now called Teddy but his family say he has settled in well, was a good boy when he had a bath, loves laying on his back with his legs in the air in the conservatory and is over the moon to have his very own set of 6 tennis balls.We have everything crossed for this larger than life lad, he was a real kennel favourite. We all love him to bits.

Another Sad Farewell

Goodness this really is a terrible year, so many of our precious hounds have crossed the bridge, it is almost too much to bear.We are so terribly sad to learn that Dan (Our Man Dan) one of our wonderful Greyhound Ambassadors had to be put to sleep weeks before his 6th birthday. Dan was an absolute star at our promotional events, always out front meeting everyone he worked tirelessly to find homes for his pals waiting in kennels for their forever homes. This is what his devastated family have said about him”Today I had to say goodbye to Dan my daft little hound who was always bye my side, after weeks of being in pain it was discovered that he has cancer and it was only going to get worse. I am going to miss my feisty little lad who was scared of nothing, loved everyone he met and always posed for the camera with his smile and flappy ears. We brought him home as company for Jock who is a bit shy and from the first time we saw Dan at the kennels we fell in love with this little maniac who came bounding towards us with a happy smile and his ears up, he was in a full plaster cast but that didn’t stop him. He may have been our smallest hound but he took up a lot of space in our hearts which is know empty”.Bless you Dan we shall miss your cheeky little face at our events. Run free from pain sweetheart, your life was all too short but you packed so much into it, enjoying every moment. We will never forget you. xxx
Our Man Dan September 2014 – July 2020