Two in and two out!

It’s been a busy weekend at kennels.  Firstly we welcomed two new arrivals.  Handsome fellas Chilli and John can bee seen on our homeless hounds page.  Then  happy little sweetheart Blue went to his forever home and on Sunday we had the best news of the week when the lovely Chico went home after an almost 9 month wait for his forever home. Welcome Chilli and Jon and good luck to Blue and Chico – have a wonderful happy life boys.

Milly has a sleepover

Our homeless hound Milly who has been waiting since March for her forever home had a walk around Alton Water with a gorgeous retriever called Darcy yesterday and a sleepover at greyhound Fox’s house with her Volunteer. It had been brought to our attention that Milly was scared of slippery surfaces and so with the help of lots of mats etc laid over the tiled and laminate floors and with Fox’s encouragement Milly agreed to stay. She soon found her confidence, didn’t need the help of the mats after a while and had a great time. She is such an affectionate and sweet girl we hope she finds her forever home soon. Unbelievably for her first night in a strange place she woke her Volunteer up at 0.245 because she needed to go out to the toilet. What a good girl.

Greyhound Walks Show

We had a lovely day at the Greyhound Walks Show.  Kennel dogs Chico, Java and Milly came along and we are hopeful that as well as coming 3rd in the 4 years and younger class Chico may have a home.  Thanks to our fabulous hard working ambassadors Roy, Spring, Bailey, Queenie, Lucky and Flossy for bringing their families along to help us.

Oakfield Caesar

Kennel favourite  Caesar went to his forever home today.  Caesar spent much of his racing career at Dillymore and although everybody was so pleased for him when he was chosen by his family it was just a tad emotional when we said goodbye!  Good luck Caesar we know you will be happy,  you go with so much love from us all.




It is with great sadness we have to report that Mark and Dawn have lost their precious girl Connie. Our hearts go out to them both.
Connie came into their lives one sunny Sunday morning in Woodbridge when they brought Clarence along to our monthly walk.  Clarence spotted Connie who was the kennel dog chosen by Paulette to join us that day.  It was a match made in heaven.  Clarence couldn’t stop kissing her and they shared long and lingering stares when they had to go their separate ways.

The following week Clarence came to visit Connie at kennels and they both still felt the same about one another and the rest so they say is history.
Connie joined us as one of our Greyhound Ambassadors at many of our shows and worked hard to promote her friends still waiting for their forever homes.
Connie’s heart was truly broken when fate took a cruel turn and poor Clarence lost his life to cancer.
However, being the strong character that she was she softened her grief by helping her Sister Heart to remain positive and grow in confidence. Later when Hearts litter brother Will joined the family she did the most amazing job helping him to overcome his many fears and making him the confident and beautiful boy he is now.

Darling Connie at just 9 years old you to were taken too soon.  Run free with your beloved Clarence you will never be forgotten by those that knew and loved you.  The legacy you leave lives on for all to see in Heart and Will.  Bless you sweetheart.  xx

Connie with Clarence at kennels

Connie  wearing her beautiful floral collar


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Latest News

It was good news for Irene this week when she learned she was reserved after a successful home check.  Missy went to her forever home and we wish her well, bless her she had a long wait and Milly had a lovely day out with her friend.
Following the disappointing news that the dogs couldn’t go to the Suffolk Dog Day because of the weather we cheered them all up with extra treats and a lovely cooling bath.
We also welcomed Greaves (below) to our band of homeless hounds.

Home Time

Two of our lovely hounds went home recently.  Cookie went home on Sunday and little Nina who had only been with us for two weeks went on Monday.  We wish them both every happiness in their new homes.
Below is a photo of Cookie with his family.