Happy Jack

Happy news for happy Jack (Dillymore Jack), he went home today with lots of love from us all and a tear or two from his beloved Auntie Linda.
We will all miss him like mad especially as he has been with us since he was a tiny puppy and we have watched him grow into the affectionate cuddle monster we all adore.Stay happy Jack. xxxx

Manny Goes Home

Fantastic news for the lovely Manny oh Manhatten). He went home with his forever family on Wednesday. His brothers Higgins, Tommy (T..J) and George are still waiting. They are smashing young boys and we are sure they won’t have to wait for too much longer.

Good luck Manny, be happy sweetheart.xx

Bubbly Blaze

We have had heart warming news from Bubbly Blaze. Here is what his family have sent us.
So proud of Blaze 🙂 (aka Wag-a-Leg! asks for fusses!).
He has been through a lot for a little greyhound boy 🙁
Over a year ago he fell ill with a very nasty bug. Messed his tummy badly.
Then, whilst continuing a long recovery, two months ago he had a massive stroke and was at first terrified at the time as he couldn’t find his legs or see out of his right eye!
It was a difficult time as Blaze was confused and distant and very wobbly.
However he was so good as he soon learned to to walk better, easing off the circling left (better vision!) and even listening as to when to step down each step without falling.
Such a brave trouper! Now bounces along happily on his walks
Tum troubles unfortunately returned due the stroke, but meds helping recover and his appetite is huge! 🙂
This pic is ‘is my dinner ready?’
He has three meals a day and knows exactly when haha!
Just love him 🙂

Well done Blaze, what a brave little Soldier xx

Holiday Cover

Going on holiday? Weekend away? or maybe just a day out? Perhaps you would like your Greyhound to be looked after in the comfort of another Greyhound family home.
Cookie’s owner has set up a Facebook group where you and other owners can get in touch with one another to make arrangements To join the group check out the Greyhound Sleepover Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1518230028576767/

October Walk

Many thanks to Pete, Martha and Toby for leading our walk at Orwell Country Park today.56 dogs took part in this beautiful walk. Kennel dogs Charlie (Hard to call) Manny (Oh Manhattan) and Higgins (Oh Hurricane) joined us with their paws crossed for a family to choose them. All behaved really well for a first outing.It was lovely to welcome old friends and some new faces too, we hope you all enjoyed it and will join us again.

Dudley Goes Home

Good news! Bubbly Dudley went off to his forever home today.His family have been visiting him regularly since reserving him and so we hope the settling in process will go well.
We wish Dudley all the very best and have sent him on his way with so much love.xx

Borwick Dasher

We have had news of Dash (Borwick Dasher) who we homed last year. He is so enjoying his retirement .Here is what his adoring family say about him.

“He really has been the perfect addiction to our family, and couldn’t imagine life without him.
Although a quiet boy, he is so bouncy and playful!He loves his country side walks, playing with his numerous toys that have taken over the house 🤣 and especially loves crashing out in the evenings for a family movie!
Everyone has loved him that’s met him, he’s so inviting to new people, even when we have taken him to vet appointments love him, but that’s because he’s a flirt and they pamper him 🤣
I can’t recommend re-homing a greyhound more to people! They are so loving and caring dogs, that truly make a house a home.”What a lovely outcome for Dasher. We remember him well at kennels for his love of food and big cuddles”.

Young Master

This week whilst waiting for his forever home Master has been practicing living with a family and what can we say 🙂 The main thing that we have had confirmed is what a fantastic boy he really is! He absolutely adores people, will always come to greet you with a happy face and a wagging tail, he loves his food, thinks walks are really exciting and as for toys well words cannot even begin to explain how much fun squeaky toys or a ball are! He is clean in the house and seems to be picking up basic commands already.This brilliant boys is so ready to have his forever home, he really is an absolute star 🌟 We’re sure it won’t be long before all his dreams come true

Sleep well Bocko

We are devastated to bring the news that another of our loyal Greyhound Ambassadors has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Bocko didn’t attend many shows, they weren’t really his thing but he was an unsung hero along with his best friend Lottie when it came to welcoming numerous foster dogs into his home, most recently Young Master has been staying with them. Bocko made them all welcome, put them at ease and showed them the ropes.
Our hearts go out to our Volunteer Michelle and her family, Bocko was such a special boy with the kindest heart.
Here is what Bocko’s family have said about him.
“Run pain free at rainbow Bridge Bocko, play with the friends that went before you. You were one of the most loving, caring, quirkest dogs that we have ever had the privilege to meet. Thank you for all the happy memories, for letting us be your forever home and for being such a massive part of our lives. Will miss you our quirky velcro boy xxx”
Sleep well Bocko we will never forget you and all you have done for us. xxx

Romeo Desperado

Des (Romeo Desperado) is having a fabulous holiday with his best friend Ness.This weekend he has been particularly busy. This is what Ness tells us Desi has been up to.
“On Saturday Des had a run around the dog park in Ipswich with a Mastiff/Rotte Cross. Then we visited various family members. Des behaved like an total Angel!On Sunday Des caught the train from Westerfield to Felixstowe (and back). Where he bumped into one of his kin, Arthur, (and Brian & Jill too). Des had fun on the beach & a leisurely stroll through the seafront gardens. I think he wore his little self out!Bless his little white chops”.
He has spent Monday just chilling, he must be shattered!