Buick Goes Home

Yesterday it was Buick’s (Buick Man) turn to go home. He is going to live with the gorgeous brindle boy, 10year old Silver. Good luck Buick you happy little soul. Miss you already xx


We have had news of Paddy (Pawsome Santiago). His family say he has settled in really well. He has such a sweet nature and loves the home life. Plenty of walks and plenty of sofa surfing🙂
That’s lovely to hear and thanks for the photos.

Recently Homed

We have had news of some of our recently homed boys. Gangster, Crash and Jimmy are all doing well. Photos below of Gangster and Crash. A video of Jimmy is showing on our Facebook page.

New Arrival Attemp

Me our latest arrival Attempt (Racing Name Illewin Attempt). A happy and affectionate boy who walks well on his lead and is ever so gentle when he takes his treats.

What a rotten day, more bad news

Today is just one of those terribly sad days that just want to end.
We have learned that another of our precious hounds has crossed the bridge.
Treacle was homed from Dillymore in 2012 where her name was Honey. A lovely placid dog and so different from her owners previous dogs which were Collies Although she was so quiet and laid-back, her family say the house seems very quiet since she has gone. Poor Treacle suffered an unfortunate accident when she slipped over on the kitchen floor and badly broke her back leg.
Our thoughts are with Treacle’s family who loved her dearly and gave her a wonderful home.
Treacle may your beautiful soul fly high and free from pain. Much love sweetheart.xxx

A sad farewell

Yesterday was one of our saddest days when we learnt that our Volunteer and friend Angie had to say goodbye to her beautiful boy Troy after he was diagnosed with a tumour.
Troy was a fantastic Greyhound Ambassador whose tail never stopped wagging at the many promotional events he attended. He worked tirelessly, often not wanting to stop for a break in his quest to find homes for his kennel friends.
Our hearts go out to Angie and to Troy’s Sister Alex on their loss.

Troy you were quite simply the best, the perfect gentleman. We will never forget your sunny personality and your wonderful swagger when you walked. Thank you for all you did for us. May you now sleep soundly sweetheart cuddled up with your Dad Johnny.XXXX
Adamant Troy July 2010 to April 2020

Jimmy goes home

Our big brindle bundle of love aka Wildfire Jimmy went to his forever home today. He has gone to live with Ralph who we homed a while back and who recently lost his best friend Magic. Be happy Jimmy you go with so much love from us all.xx

Billy, Cairns and Grizzy

Our special appeal boys Billy (Millwards Billy) and Cairns (Droopys Cairns) went off to their forever home today. Grizzy (Droopys Griezman) will be going home tomorrow once his new bed arrives.